"Virtual Reality will blow your mind!"

Portal® is designed to provide the highest-quality VR experiences in a sophisticated, but family-friendly atmosphere.  You won’t hear a cacophony of blaring arcade sounds here.  Instead, you’ll enter an atmosphere of comfortable coolness.  Players experience VR in individual booths while others relax in our lounge area enjoying snacks, food, and drinks.  HD monitors throughout the space show what each player is experiencing.


Portal VR booths are designed for the most advanced, room-scale VR experiences.  This means you won’t be sitting in a chair.  Instead you’ll be actively participating in your VR experience 360 degrees.  We use HTC Vive systems driven by powerful computers with superior graphics capability that provide the state of the art in VR.  Booths are padded for your comfort and safety and include a coat hook and storage bin for your belongings.


VR booths are available in 60, 30, and 15 minute blocks.  Play by yourself or split your time with others.


Pricing per booth:

$29.95 - 1 person for 1 hour

$39.95 - 2 or more persons split 1 hour

$19.95 - 1 person for 30 minutes

$24.95 - 2 or more persons split 30 minutes

$12.95 - 1 or more persons split 15 minutes


BOOK your 1 hour appointment online or just walk-in.

Note: Weekends are usually busy so we recommend booking in advance.


Try our special Richie's Plank Experience $4.99.



Believe it or not, virtual reality is a spectator sport! Most booths can be seen from our lounge area so you can watch your friends (or strangers) as they jump, swing, crawl, and generally flail about while playing.  Each booth also has a large HD video display showing others exactly what the player is seeing.  Our special green-screen booth (#5) allows spectators to not only see what the player is seeing, but also shows the player surrounded by their VR environment on a larger HD monitor. Sit back, enjoy snacks and drinks, and be constantly amused by the bizarre movements and shrieks of other VR players.  It’s a blast.

Virtual Reality Game Portal VR Seattle

Location • Hours • Parties


location & contact

Phone: (206) 494-0102


2601 NW Market Street, Seattle WA 98107

(corner of 26th Avenue NW)

Parking Tips:

Free 2-hour parking in front of Portal

Free, unlimited parking on Market Street ½ block West of Portal

Paid, 4-hour parking on Market Street East of 26th Avenue NW

WARNING:  Vehicles parked in the private stalls on 26th Avenue NW WILL BE TOWED



winter hours

  • Monday for private parties only
    (Please call 206 494-0102) or email us to reserve space
  • Tuesday – Thursday: 3:30 to 10:30 pm
  • Friday: 3:30pm to Midnight
  • Saturday: Noon to Midnight
  • Sunday: Noon to 8:00 pm

gift certificates available here 

Recipients should call for reservations


parties and events

Birthday parties, team building, corporate events and venue rentals available. Contact us to see how we can help make your Virtual Reality event special.

Parties and Events